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Winter Openings 2019

New for 2019: discover the beauty of Monte San Salvatore even in winter!

But not only that: there are also many opportunities for recreation in autumn / winter in Lugano


Usually with the first of November the tourist season closes and many attractions also close waiting to reopen in spring.

But this year we have a novelty: from December 7 until the end of March 2020 it will be possible to climb to Monte San Salvatore during the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.
In addition, for the Christmas period from December 21 to January 06, the funicular will be operational every day!

Another reason to visit Lugano in winter, maybe during the Christmas markets that will animate the city and the pedestrian streets of Lugano from December.

As every year, we would like to remind you that the funicular of Monte Bre remains in operation until the end of the Christmas holidays, and then closes for maintenance in January and February.
However, it is always possible to go up to Monte Bré by bus, which is also free thanks to the Ticino Ticket, for free public transport during your stay!

Finally, let's not forget the navigation, which is also operational in the winter period with reduced trips: a late morning cruise and an early afternoon cruise that goes to Melide, Morcote, Gandria. In addition, from December 14 until April, the races will be intensified with two cruises in the morning and up to three in the afternoon, during the week as on weekends.

Moreover, for culture lovers, we remind you that Colorado is ideally located just a few steps from the LAC, Lugano Art and Culture, which always offers several interesting exhibitions, such as until January 6 the exhibition on William Wegman, a famous photographer who focuses his work on the photography of his dogs Weimaraner that stage human nature and its fashions over the years.