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Parco Ciani

Where can you enjoy a nice walk in the green in the city of Lugano?

Walking along the shores of Lake Lugano, 400 metres from the Colorado, you reach the splendid Ciani Park.


Considered one of the most beautiful parks in Switzerland, Ciani Park is a favourite destination for tourists but also for locals, who appreciate the variety of flowers in all seasons.

The park is the green lung of the city, in an enviable position directly on the lake, a few steps from the city centre.

Here you can walk in the shade of centuries-old trees, among autochthonous and imported species, along several paths that wind through the park until you reach the mouth of the Cassarate river, which has recently undergone requalification.

The park is divided into two areas. The first, adjacent to the entrance to the city and Villa Ciani, has the characteristics of an Italian garden, with well-kept flowerbeds, but also areas with an English garden, exotic species and tall shrubs.

The second one, on the other hand, winds from the dock to the mouth and has a wilder aspect, characterised by autochthonous species: oaks, linden trees, plane trees and maples, typical of Ticino woods.

There is also a large children's playground at the mouth and adjacent to the park are the Palazzo Congressi, the Cantonal Museum of Natural History and the Library.