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The Cats of Rovio

A special event that once again combines art and a typical Ticino village.

Come and discover the open-air exhibition and choose the Colorado as your base: ideally located a few hundred metres from the lake but also just two stops from the train station, so you can visit the region in comfort (free with the Ticino Ticket always included during your stay).

The Cats of Rovio

Open air street art exhibition by Yuri Catania

Visual Artist Yuri Catania, supported by CasaGalleria MonteGeneroso, has created an installation of 60 subjects that develop into posters of different sizes that adorn the walls of the village.

And Rovio is the town chosen for this installation, the town chosen by the young artist to open his atelier. The aim of the installation is to create a cultural phenomenon that will attract tourism not only from Ticino but also from beyond the Alps and internationally, a large open-air exhibition with Rovio and its architecture as its protagonist.

The protagonists of the portraits are the cats of Rovio with reference to the felines but also to the people of Rovio known as cats. In particular, the author is interested in portraying the elderly, those who by experience represent and characterise our territory as they constitute its memory and history.

Yuri Catania, visual artist, Italian-Swiss, specialised in fashion photography and street photography. He has worked for over 15 years in the fashion industry as an art director, photographer and director for magazines and international brands, creating productions all over the world. He lives in Rovio and is strongly in love with this country and its territory. He loves to create highly creative projects that express a dreamlike world made of realism and contemporaneity. His art lies between the currents of post Pop Art and the more recent Street Art. His main medium is photography.