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  • L’Asilo Ciani si presenta alla popolazione dopo i lavori di restauro

L’Asilo Ciani si presenta alla popolazione dopo i lavori di restauro

A day of open doors will be held at the Ciani kindergarten: a unique opportunity to visit the renovated spaces of a historic building very dear to the people of Lugano. For the occasion, the Culture Division has curated an exhibition that will allow for an in-depth look at the history and the restoration project promoted by the City to protect and enhance the structure. The Town Hall cordially invites the population to participate in the event.
There are places, buildings and monuments that have profoundly marked the cultural and social history of a city, becoming part of the collective memory of a community. The Ciani kindergarten rightfully falls into this category: an iconic building, rich in history, anecdotes and transformations, it has accompanied the life and daily life of the people of Lugano. The structure was built between 1890 and 1892 to give a new home to the first kindergarten in the Canton of Ticino built thanks to the generosity of Filippo Ciani, and thus satisfy the need to accommodate the young students in healthier, more spacious and bright spaces . The building was purchased by the City in 2004: since then it has become a highly appreciated and requested destination for holding various types of events.
In 2018, the Ciani kindergarten showed some signs of deterioration and the City decided to intervene with maintenance and restoration works, with the aim of safeguarding this prestigious structure and offering modern and functional spaces for events and shows. To mark the conclusion of the works, the City of Lugano has decided to organize an open day during which it will be possible to visit the new renovated spaces and admire the suggestive pyramid-shaped skylight that covers the internal courtyard, built in 1907 and restored to its original splendor after restoration.

Saturday 18 March at 11:00 - 17:00, opening of the Ciani kindergarten to visitors.
The collaborators of the Events and Congresses Division will be available to offer information, curiosities and anecdotes on the history of the building and the restoration project.
At 11.00 there will be a presentation by the architect. Mary Mazza.
These themes can be explored in depth thanks to an exhibition curated by the Culture Division which will be open until 23 April 2023.