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A rich breakfast to start your day!

What a better way to start your day than the smell of a good cup of coffee and a rich breakfast?

Every Day from 7 to 10 AM we serve you a great Breakfast Buffet, always included in your price,
in the “San Salvatore” salon.


When the outside temperature starts to rise you can have your most important meal of the day on our sunlit Terrace “Merida”.

You may prefer a traditional Italian Breakfast or a rich and salty breakfast, on our buffet you can find everything you like:

  • Different types of bread, panini’s, white and dark bread, toast
  • Pastries, Butter Croissants
  • Choice of breakfast cereal
  • Whole and 2 % milk, milk without lactose, yogurt plain and with fruit
  • Jellies, Honey, Nutella, butter and margarine
  • Dried and fresh fruit
  • Choice of cold meats, cheeses and goat cheeses, boiled eggs
  • Great coffee and choice of teas.
  • Of course also a choice of gluten free products