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Magritte at LAC

New exhibition at the LAC, Lugano Art and Culture: Magritte, from 16 September to 6 January 2019.

An opportunity not to be missed at the LAC, easily reachable in a few minutes walk from the Hotel Colorado. Book our City Breaker offer with the entrance tickets for the exhibition already included! At the best price guaranteed only on our website.


Magritte, la Ligne de vie

The MASI, Museum of Art of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, retraces thanks a wide range of works throughout René Magritte's career, from his youth to his most famous paintings. A selection that will allow us to understand the origins and sources of inspiration that led the painter to create evocative works. The title of the exhibition, La ligne de Vie, refers to the title of a conference held by the artist in Antwerp in 1938, one of the rare moments in which the artist himself recounted his work in public. A conference that paid homage to the Belgian surrealists but also explained the genesis of his work, which transforms everyday objects into something that upsets the viewer.

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