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Mysterious Animals

Lugano in winter? Why not? The sun shines and gives us a sweet warmth during these days and the lake has its charm in all seasons.

In addition, there are many activities that can be done even in winter and exhibitions to visit. For example, until January 27 we recommend this exhibition sui generis on the mysterious characteristics of some animals. Book now your room on our website at the best price guaranteed and come and visit us.

And don't forget that sales are about to start! So even a little shopping may be part of your holiday plan.



How do some animals manage to produce electricity? Why can they see and smell smells even at a distance of hundreds of meters?
A special and informative exhibition that will allow you to answer these questions and discover many peculiarities!

An exhibition that is unique in Europe and that brings together some of the most poisonous creatures of the animal kingdom and beyond. Among the other "strange" animals you can find, for example, clownfish (in short, Nemo from the Disney film) that live in symbiosis with anemones (which are in some cases poisonous to humans) or moray eels, which are famous as very aggressive animals.
1500 m² of exhibition space and more than 200 animals, a unique event that will fascinate adults and children with fish, reptiles, frogs but also spiders and snakes!

Every day until 27 January from 10:00 to 20:00 at the Exhibition Centre (Bus 2 from Colorado, free with the Ticino Ticket).
Admission for adults CHF 17.-, children's reduced rate.