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Helidon Xhixha

Lugano: Reflections of Light. The city of Lugano becomes an open-air museum!

Until September 22nd come and discover the monumental sculptures of Helidon Xhixha, located in different areas of the city.
An opportunity for culture while walking along the lake shore


Helidon Xhixha: Reflections of Light

Helidon XHIXHA is an artist from Durres (Albania). He grew up in a family of artists and, before studying in Italy at Brera, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. In London at Kingston University he experimented with new techniques and materials and discovered steel, a material that became the centre of his production.

Innovative techniques create a monumental art that relates to the environment in which it is exhibited, reflecting and binding to it.

19 works that have been placed in Lugano, on a path that winds from Paradiso to the mouth of the Parco Ciani along the entire gulf. A pleasant walk along the lakeside will allow you to discover the city and the exhibition.

Location of the works:

1. Drifting Icebergs (2019): Parco Ciani (lago)
2. Terraferma (2011): Parco Ciani (lato palestra)
3. Beethoven (2018): Parco Ciani (tra biblioteca e lago)
4. Fragments of Light (2013): Parco Ciani (biblioteca)
5. Riflesso Lunare (2018): Foce
6. Infinito (2017): Parco Ciani (fronte Villa Ciani)
7. Torre di Luce (2019): Piazza Castello
8. Ordine e Caos (2017): Parco Ciani (lato Casinò)
9. La O di Giotto (2017): Rivetta Tell
10. Conoscenza (2017): Piazza Indipendenza
11. Big Data (2018): Piazza Dante
12. Satellite (2018): Piazzetta Maraini
13. Inner Peace (2018): Contrada Sassello
14. Luce Divina (2018): Piazza Luini, poi Piazzale Cattedrale
15. Capitello d’Acciaio (2018): Piazza San Carlo
16. La Famiglia (2018): Lungolago Riva Vela
17. Simbiosi (2018): Stazione di Lugano
18. Rapture (2018): Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia, Riva Antonio Caccia
19. Mantegazza (2014): Palazzo Mantegazza