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Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso: A balcony over Ticino and Lombardy.

For an unforgettable excursion we recommend the Monte Generoso with its cogwheel train, the "Stone Flower" by architect Botta and the breathtaking 360° view.


Monte Generoso is one of the most panoramic mountains in Ticino, with a view as far as the eye can see of the lakes of Lugano, Como and Maggiore, the Alps and the Po Valley.
The cogwheel train leaves from Capolago and reaches an altitude of 1700 metres, dominated by the beautiful Fiore di Pietra (Stone Flower), built in 2017 by the Ticino architect Mario Botta, which houses two restaurants, a conference room and a panoramic terrace.
From the top there are many excursions, you can visit the observatory, the cave of the Bear, rent a mountain bike or just enjoy the view.

From Colorado you can reach Monte Generoso either by car, along the lake or by public transport.
If you stay with us, you will receive the Ticino Ticket, included in the room price, which allows you to travel free on public transport and offers discounts on tourist attractions, including the train to Monte Generoso.

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