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Lac en plein Air

What could be better than an evening by the lake, eating an ice cream and listening to good music?

Every Friday and Saturday evening free concerts on the LAC square, just 400 metres from Colorado. Book your room now for an exciting summer.


A series of open-air concerts in the LAC square, from July 12 to August 10, every Friday and Saturday evening.
The theme of the review is Jazz, which makes us discover new sounds, even from distant lands, that make you want to take the plane and explore distant countries.
LAC en plein air will be this magical place: a place of discovery, where the known is mixed with the unknown, where an ancient flavor meets a new one, where jazz is combined with music from the world.

Chicuelo & Mezquida
Flamenco y bolero (Spain)

26.07 Friday, 21:00

One of the most sensational flamenco guitarists, Juan Gómez "Chicuelo", meets the piano of Marco Mezquida, a very young star of the international piano firmament. The result is a perfect "Conexion" between jazz and flamenco, which is enjoying incredible success all over the world, from Tokyo Jazz Festival to Jazz sous les pommiers. Their irresistible mix feeds on uncontrollable rhythms and crescendo, revealing the thousand nuances of gypsy dance.

Marco Mezquida Ravel's Dream
Flamenco y bolero (Spain)

27.07 Saturday, 21:00

Marco Mezquida, pure talent, at just over 30 years old has already seduced audiences, critics and fellow musicians from around the world. For three years in a row he was elected best musician of the year in Catalonia; he played on four continents and recorded ten records as leader, five in piano solo. The Ravesl's dream project sees him engaged in a personal journey around the musical world of Maurice Ravel: from French classicism to virtuoso romanticism, from experiments with popular music to the effervescence of contemporary music and jazz.

Arsene Duevi
Primary voices - (Togo/Italy)

02.08 Friday, 21:00

Arsene Duevi is a singer, choir director, guitarist and bassist: a real Shaman/Showman from Togo. For over 15 years in Italy, seduces with sounds that mix Africa and Europe, Jazz and World Music, songwriting and improvisation. With La mia Africa, in 2010 he sang the colours of a continent impossible to leave behind; with Haya, 2016, he celebrated the life and hope of those who migrate. Today he adds his thousand voices and accompanies the audience in a completely original solo path to the roots of sound. The concert opens with Duevi, the solo set of percussion by Gennaro Scarpato with the instruments of the Fondazione Tronci.

San Salvador
Primordial voices (Occitania, France)

03.08 Saturday, 21:00

San Salvador is an original group of only six voices and percussion. Its members are real "troubadours" engaged in the poetic renewal of the traditional music of their land: the French Occitania. Their compositions, essentially singer in Occitan, mix the motifs of the language to a harmonious work, where colors, images and sounds are confused. Their concert is a hypnotic journey that transmits pure energy and a contagious desire to dance.

Qwanqwa (Ethiopia/USA)
Afro Jazz

09.08 Friday, 21:00

Modern and traditional music from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, unusual rhythms, grooves, psychedelic effects, daring experiments and moments of audience participation: these are the ingredients of Qwanqwa, the leading group of the new Ethiopian scene. Their performance is to be enjoyed with their eyes closed or jumping on the chair: the violin of the American Kaethe Hostetter mixes with traditional electrified instruments creating a mixture of hybrid and electrifying, made explosive by the voice and the unique charisma of Selamnesh Zemene.

Fairytale / Myrrh / Kouatè
Afro Jazz (Senegal/Italy/Mali)

10.08 Saturday, 21:00

A special trio composed by Enzo Favata, saxophonist on the border between folklore and electronics; Pasquale Mirra, tireless vibraphonist straddling the Italian new think and electronic jazz; Dudù Kouaté, skilful alchemist of the percussion of singing and instruments of Africa, member of the historic group Art Ensemble of Chicago for some years. Three musicians with three completely different musical cultures who make improvisation without style boundaries the leitmotif of their artistic choice.