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Mixtape Pop Choir animano la Hall del LAC

The Mixtape, pop choir born in 2020 within the MAT Artistic Center and directed by Maria Silvia Roli.
Mixtape Pop Choir is made up of twenty-five boys between the ages of 14 and 20, and boasts a repertoire ranging from American pop hits to songs from the most famous musicals, allowing you to play with modern, classical and gospel sounds.

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Pierino e il lupo in Jazz

Have you ever wondered if Beethoven was born in New Orleans in the heyday of blues music? If Mozart had known Miles Davis? How would they write their music? Would they achieve the same fame as Jazzmen, Rock Stars or Bluesmen?
In this musical mental exercise, trying to give an answer to these questions, Igor Caiazza and Matteo Sarti eclectic musicians and composers, with their baggage in the field of classical music and at the same time great jazz experience propose a jazz reinterpretation of the themes most beautiful classical music by Mozart, Bach and Beethoven to then delve into the fairy tale "Peter and the Wolf" by Sergei Prokofiev.As with the original version, each character of the work is represented by a different instrument which in this case, however, since it is a Jazz Band rather than a symphony orchestra, the instruments, harmonies and rhythms that accompany the characters take on a completely different flavour. The structure, themes and tonality of the work remain unchanged, but the harmonies and rhythms become modern. Thus, ranging from Swing to Latin, from Rock to Ballad.

The show will be guided by the voice of the voice actor Claudio Moneta, known for his famous dubbing of cartoons (Peo, Spongebob…) who will skilfully revisit the fairy tale of Peter and the Wolf in a modern key as well as introducing the concert.
To shed light on the musical project, the presence of important names from the world jazz scene will shine, Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet, Nico Gori on clarinet, Alessandro Tedesco on trombone and Luca Bulgarelli on double bass.
The "Pierino and the Wolf in Jazz" project is a light but at the same time intellectual, comic but profound show, for children and adults, for Jazz and music enthusiasts.

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La dodicesima notte (o quello che volete)

The young Florentine Giovanni Ortoleva, special mention in the “Directors Under 30” competition of the Venice Biennale 2018, signs the direction of "The Twelfth Night", considered by many critics to be Shakespeare's best comedy.

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LAC Lugano Arte Cultura vicino al Colorado Hotel

Una vacanza a Lugano non é completa se non si visita il LAC